Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Imperial Guard List - Redux

Just made a quick change to my Imperial Guard list:

HQ – Company Command Squad w/ vox, 2 snipers, 1 autocannon 75 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ 3 snipers, vox, heavy bolter, and Harker 155 pts
Troop – Veteran Squad w/ 3 snipers, vox, autocannon 100 pts
Fast Attack – Hellhound 130 pts
Heavy Support – 2 Leman Russ Punishers w/ heavy bolter sponsons 400 pts
Heavy Support – 1 Medusa 135 pts

Total 995 pts

The veterans with flamers seemed out of place without a transport, so I am replacing them with sniper rifles, a vox, and an autocannon team.


  1. Out of interest, how are you going to deal with AV14?

  2. Not worried about it to be honest. If the medusa doesn't deal with it, my army will struggle.