Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rockheads 1000 Point Tournament - June 27th, 2009

On Saturday, June 27, Rockheads in Kenosha, Wisconsin will be hosting a 1000 point 40k tournament. If this was any other year, I would not be able to attend since it is my wedding anniversary. This year however, my wife needs to attend a baby shower for her cousin’s daughter and she is planning on taking our peanut with her, so I am looking at an afternoon of fun and nerd excitement.

The rules for the tournament are very basic; 1000 points using the standard force structure. Painting is not required, but models must be WYSIWYG. I didn’t ask about missions, but I would suspect that they are of the standard type with little variations.

Since painting is not a requirement, I am basically looking at all of my available armies and trying to decide what I want to play. I suspect that the majority of armies will be marines since they seem to be pretty common with the local player base, so I am thinking I want to come with something less common.

I am thinking that the following would be the most interesting armies to bring, since I feel comfortable in believing noone else will be fielding them:

Daemonhunters w/ Witchhunter allies
Chaos Daemons

All three would be fun for me to play, so I guess it is a matter of which army do I feel would be the most interesting for my opponent to oppose. The necrons would be very assaulty, with a strong possibility of a C’tan. The DH/WH combo would be a mix of medium range firepower and assault units. The chaos daemons would also be of the assault variety with a splash of Tzeentch firepower.

So as readers of my blog, which of the following armies would you find most interesting to play against? I’ll open a poll, but I would love to read comments and suggestions. Assuming that I can attend, I will likely go with the army chosen by my readers.

If anyone is interested in playing in the tournament, call Rockheads and ask for Allen.
2225 63rd Street
Kenosha, WI 53143


  1. Hmmm...at 1000, I'm not sure, but the DH/WH may do you the best, though all three get pricy in a hurry...
    I'd also cuation against a c'tan at 1000, because that is a 1/3 of your army in one model, so if it goes down, it'll hurt a lot.

    Hopefully, we can both make it, and I can see you there...(I'll most likely have marines, since I'm doubting I'll be able to field 1k of guard in 2 weeks )

  2. You forgot to mention that the tourney is free! Gather at 11a, play starts at noon.