Friday, June 12, 2009

On the Bench: Ratling Snipers

I am amazed at how much time it took to paint one little 10 point sniper. I don't feel like I nitpicked over the details of the model, but when finished, it seemed like it took all month. The funny thing is that it really didn't take any longer than any other standard size model.

With the model complete, I for once find myself very happy with the end result. Typically there is something that I will catch that I don't like about a finished piece, but in this case, I am quite content. (Note: I am not bragging like my painting is all that, I just have a very relaxed feeling about the finished product.)

I believe that with this fellow complete, that I will continue to work on ratling snipers until I have a unit of 5 completed. I plan on also building a "scenic" display base for the unit. This is partly the reason that the model does not have anything on the base, as I expect him to go into a place on the display base that will make the base not visible. (Or I could just be making excuses for being lazy.)

So at this point, if we excluded any daemonhunter or witchhunter models, this is what my imperial guard models look like when together.


  1. I'm not a patient person. I don't like to mix colors or apply several thinned washes to a miniature. However, after seeing the results of your work, it makes me want to put a little more effort into my painting.


    You even managed to make Mini-Me-Wolverine look appealing!

  2. I really like the paint work you're doing in some of your photos. What type of paint are you using? And what are you using for thinner? I've been trying to find a good thinner for my paints, I was using clear windex (it's the best IMO) but it's actually getting hard to find, all I can find anywhere around here is the blue... which is fine for thinning black and brown (and... blue) but I can't think white paint with it, lol!

  3. StarWarsGeek - I use a combination of Vallejo, Reaper, and GW paints. I thin my paints using Testor's Model Master paint thinner. It is cheap and work really well. I also cheat sometimes and use a little water on a old brush.

  4. Link for thinner...