Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the Bench: The Emerald Eye

The Emerald Eye is Awakening

The new daemon prince of Khorne model by Forgeworld grabbed my attention from the moment I first saw it online. I knew I had to have the model and that it must be painted as soon as I received it. The temptation was so strong that I pre-ordered the model within a few minutes of it being available on the Forgeworld site.

Jump ahead a few weeks to a stormy day in May. I arrive at home to find a box wrapped within a plastic bag hanging from my mailbox. I knew instantly that my daemon prince had arrived. Once inside, I tore open the box with the excitement of a small child opening presents on Christmas. This model was going to take command of the Emerald Eye was the thought driving me as I opened the package.

With the package opened, I gently removed each piece from the ziplock bag. I liked that the bag was wrapped in bubble wrap. More so, the main body of the prince was also wrapped. This was something I really could appreciate, as I have seen what can happen to models that are not packaged properly for shipping.

As I inspect the pieces, I find some of them are going to require a hot water dip to carefully bend them back into shape. I have to admit that this is the part of the process that troubles me. If you dip the part for to long, it will melt. If you don’t dip it long enough, you may end up cracking it.

Another observation I make is that the bloodletter is going to need a lot of cleaning and flash removed. One of the things I notice about GW/FW models is that if you get a model when it is first released, the flash and mold lines seem to be worse than if you get the same model after it has been released for a decent period of time (~6+ months).

One last observation about the kit, the instructions that came with it are barely more than a picture of each model assembled. It is not like I expect a step-by-step work instruction, but a little more guidance would have been helpful for a ~$70.00 kit. With that said, this is not my first FW kit, so I am not surprised by the lack of any real instructions.

Next Time: Bathe Him and Bring Him to Me!


  1. That is one hell of a load of bits. I don't envy you having to figure out which spike goes where...

  2. Thanks for posting the picture of the bits - its really informative to see them all laid out like that!