Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rockhead's 1000 Point Army List

As it stands now, my wife is going to the shower with my daughter, so I am going to be free next Saturday. This means that I am planning on going to the tournament at Rockheads. Based on the votes I got from my survey last week, I am going to be playing a daemonhunters style army.

Upon reviewing what I had available for daemonhunters, I realized that I lacked the number of grey knights in power armour to make two full squads, so I decided that they will be the allied portion of my army. I also did a review of what I had assembled for witchhunters and came to a similar conclusion when it came to sisters. The conclusion was I was going to breakout the imperial guard for their first time on the field and support them with some daemonhunters.

Primaris Psyker 70 pts
Ordo Maellus Inquisitor Lord w/ 2 familiars, 1 sage, PW, bolt pistol, and Emperor's Tarot 98 pts

Ratlings 30 pts
Guardsman Marbo 65 pts
Callidus Assassin 120 pts

Veteran Squad w/ Harker, 3 snipers, vox, and heavy bolter team 155 pts
Veteran Squad w/ heavy flamer and 2 meltaguns 110 pts
5 Grey Knights w/ incinerator 160 pts

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons 185 pts

The general strategy with this army is to use the ratling squad and Harker squad to slow units and keep them pinned down. The heavy flamer squad, primaris psyker and leman russ are going to be the section of the army that advances and claims distant objectives. The grey knight squad and inquisitor will be a combination unit, either moving with the advance section of my army or sitting back with the snipers to guard a close objective.

This leaves me with Marbo and the callidus assassin. These two are the secret sauce of the army. The combination is scary as each can appear anywhere and should earn their point cost when they initially appear.

Next Time: Scenario specific strategies

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