Saturday, June 1, 2013

Episode 18 - One Year Later

One year ago, a short guy named John thought it would be fun to record his thoughts on the Games Workhop hobby and share them with the universe. He convinced two talented gentlemen to join him in his quest and thus the Unstable Dice podcast was born. Jump ahead to May 31st, 2013 where they are now celebrating their first year as a podcast.

In this episode, the Warriors Three begin the show by talking about the return of the Waaaghcast and the latest rumors about 9th edition WFB. Next, the guys update the listeners on their hobby progress in that segment of the show called Marshaling the Host. As part of this MoT, Chuck discusses the Midwest Rampage, John talks about terrain in tournaments and Andrew plays Yatzhee.

With the updates out of the way, the guys spend a little time talking about sealing models. They discuss the types of sealer available and some of the tricks to using them correctly. Next, the winning topic for the episode is revealed and discussed. Finally, Andrew and John talk about a couple of upcoming tournaments and review an army list submitted by one of our listeners.

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00:00:17 Introductions, Waaaghcast Returns, and 9th edition WFB
00:19:17 Marshaling the Host (Chuck's Review of the Midwest Rampage)
00:58:37 Hobby Corner (Sealers)
01:09:38 Tournament Etiquette (Congratulations to Ian Loxom)
01:49:55 Tournament Round-up and Listener Emails

Army Lists, Feedback, Topic Ideas -
Upcoming Tournaments -
John -

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Midwest Rampage Results
Invasion Kenosha

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