Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Episode 19 - Regiments of Renown

They would tell you that Warhammer Fantasy can only be played with armies over 2000 points.  Those same people would say that Warhammer is only proper if played with lots of models across a massive battlefield.  Well, the Unstable Dice Podcast is here to show you the light.

The Warriors Three are joined by special guest Joe Flesch from the Waaaghcast to talk about Regiments of Renown and the Rise of Legends campaign being put on by the show.  If you have ever wondered how to play Warhammer Fantasy on a smaller scale, this is the episode for you.

Before we talk about the campaign and RoR system, Chuck and John talk about summer movies and the ever increasing size of models.  They also do Marshaling the Host.  In this episode's MoH, the guys talk about Warriors of Chaos and the burning chariot of Tzeentch.  After the discussion about RoR, Chuck and John return to do a tournament round-up.

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00:00:17 Opening Discussion (Summer Movies and Giant Models)
00:19:17 Marshaling the Host (Warriors of Chaos revisited and Burning Chariots)
00:49:00 Regiments of Renown (with special guest Joe Flesch)
01:22:30 Regiments of Renown (continued)
01:50:48 Tournament Round-up

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