Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Thursday Theme - 1000 Point Shadow Warrior List

This week’s list is my attempt at creating a surprise deployment list that works better than the one I used at this year’s Adepticon 1000 point tournament. When I say surprise deployment, I am referring to an army that does not deploy anything during the normal deployment phase.

Alith Anar (250 pts)

Mage w/ Lvl 2 (Lore of High Magic) and Moranion’s Wayshard (170 pts)

Archers (23) w/ musician and standard (250 pts)

Shadow Warriors (11) (154 pts)
Shadow Warriors (10) w/ Shadow-walker and Reaver Bow (175 pts)

Total Points: 999

One of the major issues I had with my surprise list this year was that most of the ambushing or scouting units in the Dogs of War list are CC units. Since I was getting the +1 to my roll, my units were typically stuck for a turn doing nothing if I was too close to my opponents. I believe this list will correct that problem as I can sit back and shot at 30” with BS 5 or better with Alith and the Shadow Warriors.

As for the archers and mage, the challenge with them initially is that they are not providing any support on the first turn. If my rolls for ambush are poor, it also means that it could be an additional two or three turns that they do not arrive on the board. However, I do think that when they do arrive that they will have an impact as I will be able to place them on any board edge and shoot on arrival.

If Adepticon decides to not allow lord choices in next year’s 1000 point tournaments, I would replace Alith Anar with a third unit of Shadow Warriors and bump up the size of each of those units. I also think that I would upgrade one of the two units with a shadow-walker and give him a magically weapon as a back-up to ethereal units.

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