Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Thursday Theme - High Elves Cavalry Army

I have been playing with a couple of different lists that I think would blend well with the Wood Elf army book for next year’s Adepticon Team Tournament. The idea with this list was to pair the cavalry units from each book to create a fast moving army that has a solid punch.  The assumption with this list is that my teammate would also bring the cavalry units from Wood Elf book and not any blocks of units.

Noble w/ Elven Steed, Ithilmar Barding, Dragon armour, Ogre Blade and Enchanted Shield (140 pts) 
Mage w/ Level 2 Wizard (Lore of High Magic), Elven Steed, and Golden Crown of Atrazar (150 pts) 

Silver Helms (10) w/ shields, musician and standard (250 pts) 
Ellyrian Reavers (5) w/ musician (90 pts) 

Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) w/ Drakemaster (w/ Sword of Might), musician, and standard (Banner of the World Dragon) (245 pts) 
Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) w/ Drakemaster (w/ Star Lance), musician, and standard (205 pts) 
Dragon Princes of Caledor (5) w/ Drakemaster (w/ Fencing Blades), musician, and standard (Banner of Eternal Flame (220 pts) 

Total Cost: 1200

While I like the models and theme of this list, I am not sure I have the optimal choices on the noble, mage, and dragon princes. I get the impression that I should take a little from the noble and give it to the mage in the form of a ward save. An alternative build to accomplish that goal would be to drop the ogre blade, give the noble a great weapon and exchange the crown for a 4+ ward save talisman.

When it comes to deployment, I would deploy the 3 units of dragon princes close to each other with the silver helms and reavers flanking the weak and strong sides of the block. I would place the noble in the dragon prince unit which appears to have the best match-up directly across from him. The mage would go into one of the two dragon prince units that do not contain the World Dragon banner.

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