Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fantasy Thursdays: Making 1000 Point Games that Work

This is a new segment that I am adding to my blog. Every Thursday I will focus on something related to Warhammer Fantasy. It could be an "On the Bench" segment, something from “The Mouth”, or it could be a battle report. The point is that I am going to dedicate every Thursday to talking about something related to WFB.

I love Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WFB). I like the setting of the game and the fact there is a lot of diversity in terms of the armies that can be played. Typically when I play WFB, I like to play games in the 1000 point range as the model count is lower and games tend to play faster. While this is a fun point size, I have found that a few minor changes and choices can make games at this size more interesting and fun.

Table Size

A standard size game of WFB is played on a 6’x4’ table. This makes sense considering the number of models typically at this size and the way units move within the game. When playing 1000 point games, I have found that 4’x4’ size tables are slightly better as it evens the field between long range shooting and slower CC units.


Along with the size of the table, the amount of terrain on the board is something to consider in 1000 point games. What I have found is that games at this level tend to be better if the concentration of terrain is higher than in a standard game. My personal preference is to try and theme the battlefield. A crowded village square is a great example of a battlefield appropriate for a 1000 point game. There are still lanes for long charges, but units that excel at this tactic will not rule the battlefield.

Unit Restrictions

I am not a fan of changing the standard army composition rules for games this size. I do think though that when playing 1000 point games, players should do a little bit of self regulation. A great example would be a unit of cairn wraiths. A small unit of three can be dangerous, but not overwhelming to most armies. If that unit is suddenly increased to 8-10 models, which includes a banshee, the unit can basically make for a quick and brutal game. Nothing in the rules prevents this from happening, but making it happen may not be in the best interest of playing a casual game.

In conclusion, 1000 point games can be a fun and challenging alternative to the standard games played in WFB. The size of such games allow for new players to get started sooner. It also allows veterans to try out new armies or experiment with variants that typically wouldn’t be played in normal games. The secret to enjoying games at this size is to set the goal to having fun and build the details around that purpose.

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