Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fantasy Thursdays: The Cheddar Bowl III Army List

The Cheddar Bowl III is going to be a challenging affair next March. The tournament has become a two day event and has risen the army sizes to 2500 points. In addition, the Cheddar Bowl III will be allowing for a variety of uncommon units like the FW war mammoth and the dark emissary.

The balancing factor for this tournament is the use of a composition system that involves each army being assigned a base score based on the book being used. This score is than modified by a panel of judges, who review each list to determine if the army’s base score should be raised or lowered. While I am not a fan of composition scoring, I have full confidence in the organizer to run a very fair and balanced system, so I welcome this change from my normal approach.

When it comes to the army, I am going to be fielding a DoC army that is themed around the idea of Be’Lakor (aka The Emerald Eye) leading his personal army of chaos daemons and emissaries. This army is about as soft as I can get it while still working with what I own and am interested in playing.

One of the fun things about this list is that each herald model will be a dark emissary model converted slightly to reflect the chaos god it is summoning daemons from for the army. I am also going to be using some special fillers I have been building to pump up my unit sizes. While I don’t want to reveal what they are without showing pictures, thinking about what the dark emissaries are doing in the army and you might get the idea.

Daemon Prince w/ wings and ASF 345 pts
Herald of Nurgle w/ lvl 1 110 pts
Herald of Slaanesh w/ lvl 1 & BSB 135 pts
Dark Emissary 265 pts
16 Bloodletters w/ full cmd 222 pts
16 Bloodletters w/ full cmd 222 pts
27 Horrors w/ full cmd 354 pts
18 Daemonettes w/ full cmd 246 pts
18 Daemonettes w/ full cmd 246 pts
14 Plaguebearers w/ full cmd 198 pts
10 Furies 120 pts

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