Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tournament Tuesdays: Invasion Kenosha Sportsmanship Scorecard

Below was the basic instructions and statements from the sportsmanship scorecard for Invasion Kenosha I. Please note that this is last year's scorecard. The Invasion Kenosha II scorecard will be posted on the Invasion Kenosha website on Oct 1, 2009.

Guidelines: For each question, rank your three opponents from the highest (3) to lowest (1). No two opponents can get the same score for a single statement.

Note: This is going to be tough. Giving someone a one for a statement is by no means implying that they are a bad participant or player. It simply means that the other two players did that little something that made them standout.

1. Rank each opponent on how well they presented themselves as a gentleman. (i.e. declare moves, openly roll dice, explained rules as needed, etc.)

2. Rank each opponent on how well they presented themselves as a hobbyist. (Did they have all the required rulesbooks, dice, movement trays, tape measures, objective markers, etc. Was the army completely painted and modeled to WYSIWYG.)

3. Rank each opponent on how well they presented themselves as a player. (Did they complete each turn in a timely fashion? Did they have a clear understanding of the rules?)

4. Rank each opponent on how balanced their army was for the tournament.

5. Overall, rank each opponent with regards to how much you enjoyed playing them.

I have not finished writing the scorecard for Invasion Kenosha II, but I can tell you a few things that will be changed or modified.

1. Each statement will start with a sentence that expresses the view of Invasion Kenosha on the statement.
2. The statement about presenting themselves as a hobbyist will be revised to remove reference to painting.
3. There will be a line in the rules that state an average score is 10 and that it is still possible to score all three opponents the same. A few folks figured it out last year, but this year I want to spell that out.
4. I will have a printer on site, so I am going to hand out the scorecards as the last round finishes. Last year, some guys turned in scorecards with only their name on it. I was able to sort things out, but it added a little work.

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