Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tournament Tuesdays: Down -n- Dirty Doubles Tournament

- 500 points per person. Total of 1000 points per side.
- No special characters allowed.
- No more than 100 points of wargear per army list.
- All models must be your own. In addition they must be fully painted and based.
- Each force must be based around the standard 1 HQ, 2 troop choice requirement.
-$10 dollar entery fee per team...$5 per person.

- You may pick your partner ahead of time. If you do not have a partner we can find one for you the day of the tourney.
- This will be a full day event with the destruction spanning across multiple scenarios. Be prepared for anything!
- Matches will be timed.
- Standard rules apply...
- No expansion rules accepted.

- There will be judging for overall army, squad, and Independent character. The best painted in each catagory wins!
- Conversion Contest Prize for best conversion!
- Also awarding prizes for best sportsmanship and a few other surprise categories so come ready to have fun!
- Overall winner of course will be crowned the king of both beard and cheese.
- All prizes will be announced 1 week before the tourney.

3 Locations!
- GW Geneva commons October 17th.
- GW Palatine October 24th.
- GW Lake in the hills November.

I love small point events, so this one is right up my alley. My main man Ernie and I will be attending the one at GW Palatine on Oct 24th.

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  1. Right! The "Sukka Punch" greenskins will be wearing their Doc Martins. Oh yeah.