Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Roaming Gamer: The Wandering Dragon (Plainfield, IL)

Every month, I find myself wandering the country in search of new games stores to experience and write about. Sometimes I find myself dragging into a store just to find a new place to write about each month. However, with this month’s article, I have found a true gem that I could not wait to write about.

The first thing that stands out about the Wandering Dragon is the overall look and feel of the place. This is a gamer’s delight set-up within a classy atmosphere that I have not experienced in other stores. I have also been to stores before that have individual game rooms, but never one that had such well-maintained and nice looking ones as the Wandering Dragon. While this may not be the biggest game store, for example Rockhead’s in Kenosha is much larger, the Wandering Dragon has done an excellent job of maximizing the use of their space while allowing each gaming group a bit of privacy.

When it comes to their selection of games, the store is stocked with a huge variety of board, card, and miniature games. The only standout exception is that they do not carry Games Workshop products, but they can order them for anyone looking for anything from the standard lines. The store also stocks a nice assortment of snacks and drinks (including hot beverages), so there is never a need to take an extended break to run elsewhere during a game.

As for the staff, my personal experience with them has been fantastic. I get the impression that this is a family run business by the way they interact with their customers. If you are looking for a knowledgeable staff that will help you with finding what you need without pushing the latest product down your throat, you can’t beat the Wandering Dragon.

In some ways, this review reads like a commercial, but truthfully I believe that is because there is nothing negative that can be said about the store. If I had to find fault, the only criticism I can make is that they do not carry Games Workshop products in the store. The Wandering Dragon is located in a great part of Plainfield, but folks visiting it may never know that because there is no reason to ever step out of the place once you get there.

 Roaming Gamer Score: 4.5 (5 - Outstanding, 1 - Crapfest)

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  1. looks cool. might have to check it out, is it near chicago?