Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lizardmen vs Empire Battle Report (1000 points)

Recently, Andrew and I gathered to play some games at my place and test out some of my theories about using lizardmen in the Adepticon Team Tournament. In particular, I wanted to get comfortable with using the ripperdactyls as I admit that I don’t typically use units with the frenzy special rule. I also wanted to try out various units using the old models I own before investing in any of the new kits.

John’s Lizardmen List 
Skink Priest with Lore of Heavens (level 2)
15 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command
20 Skink Warriors w/ Full Command and 2 Kroxigors Stegadon
3 Ripperdactyls (proxied with screamers)
2 units of Salamanders

Andrew's List 
Captain w/ 2+ armour save
BSB w/ 2+ armour save
Unit of Statesmen (w/ Halberds) and detachment of Handgunners
Unit of Knights
2 Cannons

 The set-up of the table was similar to what we used in the game we played earlier and involved a couple of forest, some impassible terrain and a few hills. The scenario for the game was a basic pitch-battle with no special modifiers or objectives. When it came to deploying our armies, Andrew gathered the bulk of his forces in the center of his deployment zone. I decided to spread things out and placed my stegadon on one side of the impassible rock, my salamanders, saurus and skink units towards the center and my ripperdactyls to my far left.

Outside of playing lizardmen in 8th, another first for me in this game was selecting the Lore of Heavens for my skink chief. At the last Adepticon, I watched my partner in the Team Tournament use the lore to great effect and wanted to see what I could do with it. I was also interested in trying the lore as I am considering ‘Ekko as my general for next year’s TT with Andrew. When it came to spells, I ended up with Chain Lightning and Iceshard Blizzard.

With armies deployed and spells chosen, we proceeded to play out the game. My main strategy was to move the bulk of my army to engage Andrew’s forces while my stegadon and ripperdactyls came in on the flanks of his army. Knowing that Andrew had cannons, I expected the stegadon to be the early focus of their attention. To this end, they made quick work of the big beastie, dropping it by the second turn.

With the cannons focusing on the stegadon, my skink priest and salamanders were given an opportunity to unleash some ranged attacks on the Empire. In this situation, the real winner for me was the two turns of chain lightning that I was able to get off with the skink priest. In both turns, I gambled big and got irresistible force off both times. Unfortunately, the second time spelled the end of my magic phase as my priest lost his wizard levels from the miscast. Regardless, the spell bounced its way through Andrew’s units, dropping knights, handgunners, and even a crewman from one of the cannons.

Moving into the middle of the game, the ripperdactyls finally made contact with one of the cannons. They made quick work of it before being double assaulted by Andrew’s general and BSB. This became the tarpit of the game as my rippers kept failing to get past the 2+ saves. Finally, as the game was reaching its conclusion, I was able to score a killing blow and finish his general.

With a final roll of the dice, the game was over and victory points were tallied. I had lost the stegadon and both salamanders. Andrew had lost everything but the single cannon that I was unable to reach before the game concluded. It was a good game and not an easy win against such a skilled opponent. Most of the units performed well, with the skink priest over-performing and the stegadon under-performing. I really liked the saurus warriors and how they did against Andrew’s knights and statesmen. The ripperdactyls showed potential, but I felt like they would have done better if I had more of them on the table. In the end, the game gave me a lot to consider and a victory against Andrew. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

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