Monday, December 23, 2013

Episode 24 - Dark Elf Review
Episode 24 - Dark Elf Review
Sponsored by Heroes Haven Comics and Games

After many delays and a re-recording, episode 24 of the show has finally become available.  This episode begins with us introducing our newest sponsor, Heroes Haven Comics and Games.  Next, John goes crazy over the release of Be'Lakor and reads an email from a listener.  Once the excitement ends, the guys do Marshaling the Host.  After MoH, John Ontto joins the show to participate in a review of the Dark Elf army book.

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Episode Timeline
00:00:17 - Sponsors
00:01:00 - Listener Emal & Be'Lakor Review
00:20:50 - Marshaling the Host
00:42:10 - Merry Mayhem Preparations
00:58:10 - Dark Elf Review
02:01:30 - Tournament Round-up

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