Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanguard Scenarios: Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Wizards Keep

Read the Entire Scenario Before Setting Up!

Battlefield: Terrain is preset. Hills are open ground. All Forests, buildings, and hills are considered large target sized: a large target behind an object may not be targeted except by a unit on high ground.

Game Length: Games will last Six turns or until time is called.

Who goes First: Deployment and who goes first are normal per BRB. Pg. 3.

Special Rules: In the center of the board a ruined tower stands. This tower counts as an Arcane Monolith (BRB pg. 100). Also one on foot wizard/caster/magic user can go inside the tower. While this caster is in the tower all their spells can reach an extra 6” and they can see the whole board regardless of cover. The arcane power of the tower Gives them “sight beyond sight”. Dwarf Players since they lack “magic Users” can put an Engineer in the tower and the Engineer gets the 6” bonus added to any ranged weapons he is equipped with and one dwarf war machine can use his BS as long as he holds the tower.

The Tower grants Hard Cover to the caster that is in it.

Victory Conditions: Standard victory Points per BRB pg. 102
If you concede your opponent gets full battle points

Battle Point Modifiers:

+2 BP Your Wizard Controls the Wizards Keep at end of game

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