Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanguard Scenarios: Chapter Three

CHAPTER 3: Sever the head

Read the Entire Scenario Before Setting Up!

Battlefield: Terrain is preset. Hills are open ground. All Forests, buildings, and hills are considered large target sized: a large target behind an object may not be targeted except by a unit on high ground.

Game Length: Games will last Six turns or until time is called.

Who goes First: Deployment and who goes first are normal per BRB. Pg. 3.

Special Rules: Your generals know this is the final battle. To fail is to spell the doom of your people. Thus they are putting everything they have left into the fight. All army generals have a 5+ ward save. If the general flees it loses the ward save. The ward save cannot be combined with other ward saves. Also all units within 18” can use the general’s leadership.

Victory Conditions: Standard victory Points per BRB pg. 102
If you concede your opponent gets full battle points

Battle Point Modifiers:

+1 BP Enemy General is killed or Fleeing

+ 1 you have destroyed/fleeing all enemy units

-1 BP Your army general is Dead or Fleeing

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