Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanguard Cancelled


I am very sad to announce that due to scheduling mishaps at the location of the vanguard tournament, the tournament will sadly not be occurring. I have had to cancel the tournament as I have been informed by the store that it is conflicting with another event. The store has to make a profit and the other event is a large money maker so sadly my event has to be canceled. I was offered a reschedule date of July 3rd but I cannot be up there that weekend as I have work.I want you to know I am deeply sorry for this and hope that it has not caused you any inconveniences.

I will be refunding all registration money. I will send all registered participants their money back via-paypal. Once again I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience.If you wish to contact me with any questions or concerns, feel free to do so.

Josh Link
Founder and Webmaster of the NIMGC

I am sad to see that all of Josh's work was wasted by the poor management of the store. He had worked very hard to get some great sponsors and prepare for what would have been a fun event and a good way to bid farewell to 7th edition.

As for the store, I have not been to it since it changed owners. I have always been of the opinion that an event should not be cancelled unless there is a true emergency. In this case, it is my opinion that the owner simply saw dollar signs and decided to bump Vanguard for a Magic tournament that would have more players. (Note the same tournament/event that the store is also hosting on the Friday before Vanguard.) More to the point, there were better options that would have worked for everyone involved (such as running the MtG event again on Sunday or hosting the MtG event upstairs and Vanguard downstairs.) I wonder if the store is going to compensate Josh for the free advertising that the store received?

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