Monday, April 6, 2015

Miniature Monday - 04/06/2015

Since the release of the new Khorne Daemonkin book, I have been playing around with painting a couple more Khorne models. Finally broke last week and painted a bloodletter to see if I recall the original painting scheme.  I also decided with this one to change the color scheme of the horns and claws from black to bone to see if I liked the results.

When it came to my daemon army, the original intention was for it to be a quick paint army with minimal effort as I tend to put too much time into individual models (~14 hours per infantry size model).  This fellow took me approximately 6 hours with the obvious bulk of the time spent on the green areas. 

When it came to the horns, I decided to experiment with using layers of wash to gradually go from bone to the black/brown towards the end.  The overall result was ok, but I will need to touch-up some spots where I felt the layering was uneven (notice the streak on the horn in the first picture?). 

Comparing the new model against an older one, I found my most recent attempt to be brighter and to pop slightly better because of the highlighting.  In the picture above, the green appears to be glossy, but I believe that is due to my lack of skills at taking pictures and not the actual model.  I also like the color scheme of the older model's tongue better than what I did with the newer one.  I'll need to dig through my notes and see if I wrote down what I did in the past for it.

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