Monday, April 13, 2015

Episode 45 - Khorne Daemonkin

The End Times may have come to a conclusion, but the rage of Khorne continues to spread across the mutliverse.  In this episode, Andrew and John share their first impressions of the new Khorne Daemonkin codex.  We discuss the new formations, the Blood Tithe and a few army ideas John has using the codex.  Before we get into the main topic, the guys talk about the End Times tournament at Adepticon, Andrew talks about his game with Andy Chambers, John plays with his nids, and we talk about our sponsors.  This episode also contains a bonus segment with John Ontto at Adepticon.
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Episode Timeline
00:00:15 - Sponsors
00:05:30 - End Times @ Adepticon 2015
00:32:00 - Marshaling the Host
01:03:30 - Khorne Daemonkin
01:39:30 - Plugs (Waste Wars XV, 40K Kill Teams)
01:43:00 - Bonus Content (John Ontto at Adepticon 2015)

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