Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Unstable Dice Present: 40K Kill Team League @ The Wandering Dragon

The Wandering Dragon will be hosting a 40K Kill Team league that the show will be running in April and May.  There will be an entry fee (~$15.00) which will cover the gaming room for the campaign.

Army Point Size: 200

Kill Team Rules
You can purchase the GW Kill Team rules from Black Library or via iTunes. I will post up the full ruleset as we get closer, but for now, here are the basic requirements for a Kill Team:

Kill Team Detachment
0-2 Troops
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attack

The following additional restrictions are also in place for Kill Teams:
1. A Kill Team must include at least four non-vehicle models. One of these models must be your Leader and three must be Specialists (see below).
2. A Kill Team cannot include any models with more than 3 wounds or Hull Points on their profile.
3. A Kill Team cannot include any vehicles with a combined Armour Value (established by adding the vehicle's Front, Side and Rear armour) of more than 33.
4. A Kill Team cannot include Flyers.
5. A Kill Team cannot include any models with a 2+ Armour Save

Designer Notes: Even though units are selected as squads in a Kill Team as normal, every model acts independently during the game itself. Effectively, each model acts as a single unit in its own right, as explained in further detail later (see Every Man for Himself).

The league will be 6 weeks in length with three formal meetings on the following dates and times:
04/15 - 7 pm to 10 pm
04/29 - 7 pm to 10 pm
05/13 - 7 pm to 10 pm

Players should expect to play three games each league night, with each game lasting ~1 hour.

League Format
We will have enough space for 8 players (four 4'x4 tables) on league nights. Players will be randomly (mostly) divided into two divisions at the start of the league. During week one (04/15), players will be paired against other players in their division. During week two (04/29), players will be paired against players from the other division. During the third week (05/13), players will be ranked based on standings and a single elimination tournament will be played. As players are eliminated from the tournament that night, they will still continue to play games for the purpose of earning league points.

Painting Requirements
All kill teams must be fully assembled and WYSIWYG.  Each game played with a fully painted army is worth 1 additional league point.

At the end of the league, there will be two awards given out:
League Champion (Player with the most league points at the end of week three)
Tournament Champion (Player to finish on top at the end of the week three tournament)


  1. Looks like a really good rule set and tournament design. Should be a fun time.

  2. Shame you live so far away. Games of Kill Team with you my friend have always been the best.

    1. True on both points. Small unit games are my favorite. Lot's of terrain, clever tactics based on the skills of the respective teams, fast-paced, quick and deadly encounters. What's not to love?

  3. I have fond memories of a game wherein my wolf team spent considerable time chasing your demons through dense vegetation. Meanwhile the spooks picked off any forlorn Hunter who'd foolishly wandered off to the side to take a leak. "I told Lars to go before we left. But noooo, said he was fine. Now look at the mess he is. Didn't even get to zip it." Somehow the demons never managed to wander into the open where nicely positioned scout snipers could pick 'em off. Good times.

  4. I remember those games fondly as well. Always a blast when you can play on your awesome tables. I also always felt like assault troops played better as you had so much terrain for cover.