Thursday, February 19, 2015

Captain America: Civil War Speculation

Since the announcement of Captain America: Civil War, I have been pondering how they will translate the comic story to the big screen.  One of the things Marvel has done an excellent job of doing is taking those stories and putting a new spin on them in the movies.   Marvel has also shown that they are willing to take risks when it comes to their characters.  Given these things, I would like to propose the following ideas about how CA: Civil War may play out.

What if the roles of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are swapped between the comics and movie?  One of the things about the original comic was that it seemed plausible that either character could have been for or against the registration act.  What if at the end of Age of Ultron, Captain America is distraught over the damage done and decides that there needs to be rules in place on how super heroes operate?  What if he forms a new team that is sanctioned by the government, but doesn’t take marching orders from it.  What if their primary purpose is to police other super heroes?

At the same time, Tony discovers his father was killed by the Winter Soldier and seeks “revenge”.  He is not willing to turn him over to the government and thus forms a team of like-minded heroes.  This elevates the conflict between the characters while making Tony the antagonist, but not a traditional villain. 

As for Spiderman, what if he begins on Captain America’s team, but switches sides at the end?  After all, Cap is a world renowned hero and likely someone that Peter admires.  Being asked to join his team would probably be a hard offer for him to turn down.  As the story develops, Peter learns that Tony’s father was killed by a bad guy, one that Cap is trying to save.  This resonates with Peter on an emotional level and causes him to help Tony towards the end of the story.  Peter and Tony form a bond at the end and Stark gives Pete a new costume (maybe the iron spider suit).

It is an interesting idea that fits into the general theme of the original story while offering a very different take for the movie.  I am not sure if there are plot points I am missing from the prior films that would invalidate this version from happening, but on the surface, it seems like a possibility.  Regardless if my idea is right or wrong, Captain America: Civil War is certain to be amazing.  (Or will it be spectacular?)

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