Monday, December 29, 2014

The Podcast Junkie - Week of 12/29/2014

The dreaded week between Christmas and New Years tends to be a barren wasteland when it comes to new podcast episodes.  Fortunately, there were a couple new ones released this week that I found quite enjoyable.

Ohiohammer - Episode 66

Once the episode moves past talk about college football, the discussion turns into an informative talk about the limited nature of the End Times books and their thoughts about using iBook/ebooks. I felt this was a great topic and really gave some helpful insight into the experience of using digital books.

The episode next shifts into a discussion about End Times: Khaine. A lot of what was expressed in this segment was reflective of what can be read across forums and twitter. I did find myself disliking the term garage-gamer that was batted around as it felt at times like they were implying a different class of gamer from those that frequent the tournaments. Overall, it was a decent discussion on the topic, but not one that I felt gave me knew insight into the End Times.

The hobby section of the episode was good as always. I really liked the talk about the show’s plans for the Adepticon WFB Team Tournament. It is an interesting theme that ties into some personal motivation for the host. It is a great idea and one that I plan on checking out at Adepticon.

As a side note, I really did like the short discussion about smoking and their experience of trying to quit it. It felt like a very honest moment between the show and its audience. The trials of the host and his health problems were a very interesting conversation that helped to remind us that there is more to life than Warhammer.

The main topic of the show was their review of 2014. The first half of the topic was their worst of review for 2014.  It was a decent mix of personal disappointments and general thoughts on what happened in the overall hobby. Of particular note, I agree with the rant about the digital magic cards and the inflated price. I may just need to bleep this review because of that particular topic.  I must also say that I loved the first part of Andrew's number 1 worst of for 2014.  I couldn't agree more with his comments about the nerd rage against the End Times.

As for the best of portion of the segment, I kind of felt that it was flat and not as interesting.  Again it was the same mix of personal triumphs and happenings in the hobby, but it just lacked something.  It may be that their choices didn't resonate with me in the same way as the first portion.  Overall it was a good listen, but not the highlight of the episode.

Forge the Narrative - Episode 77

While I wish Obama would use an executive order to remove Tasty Taste from the internet, his presence on this episode was not a distraction.   The opening discussion about formations and the rules around them was very helpful in understanding how they function within the game.  I also found the talk about Dante to be a fun one as it took me down memory lane a bit while talking about his role in the current game.  Lastly, the discussion about an army rental service was hilarious.

Beware the Dream Crusher formation… 


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