Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Podcast Junkie - Week of 12/15/2014

I recently decided to bring back an old article series that I did on my personal blog. The idea of the series was to provide brief reviews of podcasts that I had listen to in the last week. Since this is the first article in the new series, some of the episodes reviewed were released a little further back than last week.

T3 the Warhammer Podcast – Episode 6
This episode begins with a breakdown of the podcast’s experience at the North Star tournament in Minnesota this past year. During the discussion, they covered their experience at the event and provided a decent critique of the venue and system.

After recapping the North Star, they gave a review of the new Glottkin book. I felt this part of the episode was a bit biased against special characters and the End Times in general. It was an engaging conversation, but I would have preferred hearing one that was a little more balanced.

Overall, I felt it was a good show that has some room to grow. It had a regional feel to it with all of the references to Midwest events. This tends to be a mix bag as I enjoy hearing how the game varies based on location, but I also found the self-promotion of their gaming group a little annoying at times.

Signals from the Frontline – Episode 299
While I admit to listen to SftF on a regular basis, I find most episodes to be nothing more than a commercial for whatever Frontline Gaming is trying to sell at the moment. Episode 299 is no different, as the hosts (Reece & company) pretty much blast threw a few topics. If you are looking for a recap of the latest releases and rumors, this is a decent choice. If you are looking for in-depth discussion about 40K and the scene, I wouldn’t prioritize this episode.

The Heroic 28s – Episode 106
On the other end of the spectrum is the Heroic 28s, episode 106. This episode delivers a fantastic review of the Space Wolves codex while also providing a high level of entertainment. What I appreciated most with this review was that involved a couple of players who clearly had a love for the army but could also be honest with highs and lows of the new book. Of the 40K related podcasts I listened to this last week, this is the one I would most recommend.

Ohiohammer – Episode 65
I am not quite sure what to think about episode 65 as it is the second part of their review of End Times: Nagash. A lot of the discussion felt dated and conflicted with stuff we already know about in terms of the fluff and future ET books. Overall, the episode was reflective of the usual quality of the show; I just didn’t enjoy the content because of its age.

Super Hero Speak – Episode 84
This podcast has nothing to do with the Games Workshop hobby. That said, I loved listening to their banter about the latest in DC and Marvel television and movie news. If you are tired of hearing about WFB or 40K, I would recommend giving this episode a listen.

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