Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome Back to the Machine

I am in the process of giving my necrons an overhaul (full discussion about the whats and whys will be in the next episode) and am looking for feedback on a couple of things.  As of right now, the necron army is still a 3rd edition build that was pretty effective at the time but has now become rather outdated.
 photo DSC00293.jpg

Necron Overlord: warscythe; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb; phase shifter 190
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of Destruction (solar pulse) 55
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of Destruction 35
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of Destruction 35

C'tan Shard: Time's Arrow; Transdimensional Thunderbolt 270

10 Necron Warriors 130
10 Necron Warriors 130
6 Necron Immortals 102

3 Canoptek Scarabs 45
4 Canoptek Wraiths: 4× whip coils 180
5 Necron Destroyers: heavy gauss cannon 220

1 Canoptek Spyder 50
1 Canoptek Spyder 50

1,492 points

 photo HDestroyer1.jpg

Looking ahead, I have a few deadlines and goals that I want to meet with the army:

1.  Want to update the color scheme.
2.  Want to re-base the army
3.  Want to add some of the new units from the codex
4.  Want to add a Lord of War unit
5.  Want to include some Forgeworld units

Immediate: Add 350 points of stuff (unpainted)
08/09/2014: Swap out the C'tan for ~250 points of newly painted stuff.  Play in the 1500 point tournament at Draxtar
09/13/2014: Swap out Destroyers with ~250 points of newly painted stuff.  Play in the 1500 point tournament at Draxtar
11/21/2014: Swap out Wraiths for ~250 points of newly painted stuff.  Play in the Renegade Open GT.

I am looking for feedback on the following things:
1.  I want to re-base the army using scenic resin bases.  I am thinking something ancient that can be painted with earth tones.  Given that criteria, I am looking for suggestions on potential bases.
2.  Looking at the pictures below, what would people suggest I do to update the color scheme as I work on new models?
3.  Considering my goals above, I believe what I am hoping to achieve is 1500 point necron airforce, with the 1850 list containing the LoW (Obelisk is the likely choice given most tournaments are not allowing the C'tan).  Looking for suggestions on what should be my first 250 points of newly painted stuff to swap out the C'tan for in the list.
4.  What would folks suggest I use to fill the 350?  I would like to combine efforts if possible, but also need to start playing next week.  I have the following available:
Lychguard/Praetorian kit
Immortal/Deathmark kit
Annihilation Barge kit
$50 hobby budget

 photo DSC00303.jpg

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  1. Get some FW Acanthrites, they are awesome, high toughness, jump infantry and zooid blades with melts guns. And they look awesome like mechanical Mosquitos!

    As for scheme, get rid of the green in the fake looking plastic rods, mine are red and simply painted. Maybe Yellow or Orange painted rods will massively improve the look. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. And the Obelisk is a dream to paint, not so if it's the Tesserach Ark, that's a big one to paint both sides of!