Monday, July 14, 2014

Episode 32 - @Gortexgunnerson

Episode 32 - @Gortextgunnerson
Sponsored by Heroes Haven Comics and Games & A Gathering of Might

In this episode, John is joined by his friend from the UK, Andrew H.  They discuss Andrew's views on the WFB UK tournament scene, what it is like to play an avoidance list, and Andrew's goals for AGOM XIII.    
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Episode Timeline
00:00:17 Sponsors (Heroes Haven Comics & Games)
00:01:15 UK WFB Meta
00:46:30 What are You Drinking!
00:50:15 Marshaling the Host (Avoidance Lists, Anti-Avoidance Lists, and AGOM prep)

What Are You Drinking
New Holland Brewery Dragon's Milk - 6+ Armour Save (Horrible)


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