Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington Again: Part Two

The last time was purely for practice…
This time it is all about the win…

Wanted to start out today’s post with something a little dramatic as I am feeling very good about this coming weekend's tournament. When I say I am feeling good, I don’t mean that I expect to win, just that I feel like I can compete and have an actual chance at winning compared to my last visit to Normal. This really has more to do with having gotten more of my Dogs of War repainted than making some grand discoveries about how to play my army. However, I did find a couple of tricks that I have decided to implement for the tournament.

The first trick, and the one I mentioned yesterday as a solution for dealing with skirmish skinks, is a retooling of my paymaster to improve the Marksmen of Miragliano. Historically, I have always built my paymaster to be a cheap BSB that just sits with the Marksmen, this time I decided to give him different traits and equipment that makes the unit much better. The first trait I purchased for him was Rapid Deployment. Rapid Deployment gives me a bonus +1 to my roll to see who is going first. Since my army is small in terms of the number of units, I should have a good chance of getting +2 on some of the rolls and at a minimum cancelling out opponents who get the +1 for deploying first.

The second trait that I have purchased for him, and the one that has the biggest impact on the marksmen, is Drillmaster. Drillmaster allows any unit that is joined by the character to move and shot with crossbows. This means now that I can now reform and hit on a 4+ at long range, 3+ if I get the right spell from the lore of metal.

In addition to the traits I have purchased for the Paymaster, I have also given him the Ironcurse Icon. A 5 point item that gives my unit a 6+ ward save against warmachines cannot be ignored. If I had more points to burn, I would have also given him a paychest with the silver chest. This would have made all of the unit’s attacks magical. I am thinking at 2000 points I will be increasing the Marksmen to 24 models and really taking advantage of these rules. The Warhammer Pioneer in October better look out.

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