Monday, June 20, 2011

Screaming Down to Bloomington Again: Part One

This Saturday the Waaagh Cast is hosting another tournament at Gryfalie's Aerie in Normal, Illinois. Paul Vinton is going to be the tournament organizer for this one. The tournament started as a primer for Invasion Kenosha III, with a few key differences from Invasion. The first one is that this is more of basic tournament, so no pods. The second difference is that special characters are not allowed (Boo, Hiss!). While these differences make it not exactly a primer for Invasion, it is close enough that folks will get a taste of playing at 1600 points.

I figured I would start this series of posts looking at the potential field of players and armies. As of 06/20/2011, here is the composition of the event:
1. John "Equinox" Gaszak - Paid
2. Chuck J - O&G Paid
3. Eduardo Rodriguez. - WoC Pd.
4. Ken Miller WoC Pd.
5. Jeff Zimmerman. - Orcs and Goblins Pd.
6. Aaron Lacey Lizardmen Pd.
7. Kevin Brown - High Elves Pd.
8. Steve Gruenswold Empire Pd.

Coming - not paid:
9. Joe Flesch - Dwarfs
10. Ryan - Brets
11. Ryan Goleman - Lizardmen
12. David G. - Warriors of Chaos

Maybe's not paid:
13. Scott Kline TK or O&G
14. Jonathan Farmer - Lizardmen
15. Domus - Lizardmen
16. Allan Matza Lizardmen
17. Sarah Sutherland skaven
18. Adrian De La Puente and High Elves

Focusing on the paid and coming but not paid groups, the first thing that stands out is the number of WoC, Lizardmen, and O&G armies. If you also include the 'maybe's', the number of lizardmen jumps significantly. Outside of that, the mix of armies is decent with very few duplicate books being used.

Since the majority of potential armies will be WoC and Lizardmen, I have been looking at my army in an attempt to theorize how I will play against them. Of the two armies, Lizardmen is the one that makes me the most nervous, maybe due to the pounding I took against them in Adepticon.  My biggest challenge with them will be the skink units that could dart around and terrorize my flanks.  I have found a solution, but I will save it for another post.

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