Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fantasy Thursdays: Alternative Hot Pot

I am wanting to add a Halfling Hot Pot to my Dogs of War army. I dislike the current models from GW, so I am trying to decide on an alternate approach that can flex my converting muscles and help raise my score for future tournaments. With that goal in mind, I have three ideas:

Chaos Dwarves Steam Cannon - A converted steam weapon crewed by chaos dwarves. I am thinking the cannon would use bits from various kits (steam tank, dwarven cannon) and a good helping of plasticard rods.

Goblin Vomit Team - A river troll that has been chained and saddled by some goblin handlers. One goblin would be riding his back, while two are smacking the troll in the belly.

Skaven Death Ray - A crew of heavily cloaked skaven working a warpstone powered deathray. Unlike the vomit team or steam cannon, I am really thinking I would model this one to be stationary, more like a gun emplacement than a mobile piece of artillery.

There is a new poll available to help me decide.

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