Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How the Grot Stole X-Mas - 40K Tournament (12/18)

In the grim future there is only holiday cheer, but the Green Tide plans chaos and fear; while all the worlds forces gather and muster, a grot plots to steal all the holiday luster! Standard Force Organization Chart at 1000 points. Special missions will be used. Treats will be provided. Breaks between matches will be short (10-15 minutes), so plan accordingly. Muster at 11am, battle starts at Noon. No entry fee and armies do not have to be fully painted. Space for 20 players, so sign up in store today!

Details: http://www.rockheads.com/webpages/general/calendar_news_events.shtml

1 comment:

  1. I will not be attending this event, but I thought I would give it a plug. While the 1000 points is a nice size, the lack of a painting requirement and a very vague description of the event does not leave me with a good feeling about this one. I'll be curious to read any reviews.