Saturday, July 4, 2009

On the Bench: Imperial Guard Veterans

Another update...

I really am coming to hate the 4th. I love fountains and bottle rockets, but the ones that shake the house just seem dumb and dangerous. Needless to say, one big firecracker blew by the house and caused my prized fish to freak and jump out of the tank. Didn't find the poor fellow till it was to late.


  1. Is that a Catachan set of arms and head on a Cadian body? I assume that's good ol' Gunny Sarge Harker and is it Retribution? Either way, it gets the look across of an angry guy that wanders around with a heavy bolter all to himself.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the bright blue color scheme. It's gonna be a pretty sight on the battlefield!

  3. The body is off the new Catachan command sprue. The arms and head are also off the same sprue. The heavy bolter is off the space marine scout sprue.

    Raptor - Correct on it being the Sarge! Thanks for the awesome feedback.

    Shrink to Fite - Thanks, the blue is Vallejo Darkblue, a wash of GW asurman blue, darkblue with skull white in layers.