Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the Bench: Imperial Guard Veterans

This edition of On the Bench is going to be more of a snapshot in time than an actual breakdown of what I am doing with a particular model. The models are meant to represent Guardsman Marbo, a veteran sniper, and Gunnery Harker. Feel free to post any comments or questions.

The veteran squad plus guardsman marbo.


  1. I'm guessing Marbo is the one on the right in the middle picture. Not being funny, his gun is a little overblown.

    It's described as a pistol, rather than some kind of cannon. That kind of thing doesn't look like it's been hand-crafted to be easy and lightweight to use in a stealth situation

  2. Khorneguy - Thanks for the feedback. Alot of people are avoiding the whole rambo/marbo connection. I decided that I wanted to go the other route and really embrace the 80's vibe of character by giving him a big gun. (If you do a quick google search, you get either images of Rambo w/ a big knife or him w/machine gun, rocket launcher, etc.) Since the guy is not part of my standard army (read Weds blog), I am doing him more as a one off for fun.

  3. Idk, I like the gigantic Gun...just say he has one explosive shell, and you have your demo charge worked in there as well...
    Plus who doesn't love a guy who looks like he's slugging around an autocannon in one hand?

  4. Skittles - Funny you mention the idea of explosive shell. Didn't rambo have arrow heads that were explosive? I can't remember now, but I seem to recall an image of him screwing on an arrowhead that looked like a grenade. As always, great to read your feedback!

  5. Yes, I believe he did.

    Also, the painted pics you posted on Rites of War look awesome man - keep it up. I particularly like the blue you have for the armor - it looks awesome.