Friday, June 5, 2015

DragonFall 40K GT - Feedback Requested!

Good Evening:

Looking to get some feedback on a 40K GT (Dragon-Fall GT) I will be organizing this October in the Chicago area. The current plan is to run an event that has an atmosphere similar to the 40K Friendly at Adepticon. That said, I want to also encourage attendance and strive to create an environment that most folks who attend GTs will find enjoyable. With those goals in mind, I am looking for feedback on a few initial thoughts I have about the event.

1. What are your thoughts of a 40K GT at the 1500 point level? As a long time player, I personally enjoy 1500 points and would like to see a regional GT at that size. I also like the point size for a few other reasons, but really want to get the thoughts of other players.

2. What kind of restrictions would you like to see when it comes to the following things: A. Lords of War; B. Super Heavies/ Gargantuan Creatures; C. Forgeworld.

3. How many detachments would be you like to see at the event?

4. Which tournament FAQ do you prefer?

5. What other restrictions/rules/features would you like to see that would encourage attendance and/or a more casual/friendly atmosphere.

At this stage, I really want to encourage the local and regional community to share their thoughts and ideas about what they would like to see at the inaugural Dragon-Fall GT. My current goal is to have an official rule set for the event released to the public by July 1st. All feedback is welcome and I want to encourage everyone to check out the Dragon-Fall website ( on a regular basis as more announcements and news are made.

Thanks in advance for helping to support this year's event!

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