Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Episode 43 - Malekith the Eternity King

Episode 43 is now available for download.  The main topic of this episode is our discussion about Malekith the Eternity King.  We talk about his impact in non-End Time games and means by which we would go about defeating him.
Before talking about him, we do a lengthy Marshaling the Host.  In this episodes MoH, we talk about our End Time primer and share battle reports from the event.

After the end credits, check out this episodes bonus content for more discussion about End Times characters and the US Masters results.

Episode Timeline:
00:00:15 - Sponsors
00:01:30 - End Times at Adepticon
00:29:30 - Marshaling the Host
01:13:30 - Malekith the Eternity King
01:35:15 - Butt Plugs (Arcticon, Kill Teams @ Wandering Dragon)
01:40:00 - Bonus Content

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