Monday, November 10, 2014

Episode 39 - Aftermath Michigan GT
This episode kicks off with two Johns talking about the latest Tyranid release from Games Workshop.  We review each of the options for the new Tyranid kit and discuss the impact they will have on the 40K meta.

Next, we have a special Marshaling the Host where we discuss our experience at the Michigan GT.  We talk about the missions, discuss our games, and review our experience at the tournament.

Lastly, we introduce a new segment, Waaagh Ontto.  In this episode, John O talks about the Morkanaut and Gorkanaut.  He reviews how he uses them, their role on the battlefield, and what to watch out for when playing them.

Episode Timeline
00:01:45 - New Tyranid Models
00:30:00 - Marshaling the Host (Aftermath: Michigan GT 2014)
01:36:30 - Waaagh Ontto (Morkanaut/Gorkanaut)

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