Thursday, June 12, 2014

Episode 30 - 40K 7th Edition

Episode 30 - 40K 7th Edition
Sponsored by Heroes Haven Comics and Games & A Gathering of Might

Welcome to the latest episode of the show. In this episode, John G. & John O. talk begin with a quick discussion about the show and where it is headed in the future. Afterwards, this episode's MoH is about the new ork models, John's eldar project, and a review of the James Wappel's Painting Pyramid DVD. Following MoH, the main topic of the show is about 40k 7th edition. The guys share their first impressions of the new rules and where they think the game is headed. 
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Episode Timeline
00:00:17 Sponsors (Heroes Haven Comics & Games)
00:05:00 MoH (Gorkanaut, John's Eldar, and James Wappel's DVDs)
00:43:18 40K 7th Edition First Impressions

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