Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode 16 - Adepticon (aka Cold Hard Boiled Egg)

Episode 16 is here and unlike a cold hard boiled egg, it tastes delicious. This was for us a very cool episode for a number of reasons. First, we are talking about Adepticon and all of the excitement that comes with the event. Next, Andrew, Chuck and myself have finally been able to work out recording together in person and over Skype. Finally, I got to use my new Tascam digital recorder to interview a few folks at the convention.  

Episode Timeline
00:00:17 Opening Discussion and Listener Email 
00:13:50 Day One - Adepticon Interviews 
00:27:40 Day One - The Unstable Dice After Party 
01:06:40 Day Two - Morning before WFB Team Tournament 
01:30:58 Day Two - Recap 
02:08:43 Day Three - 40K Combat Patrol and Battlefleet Gothic Tournaments 
02:25:23 Day Four - WFB GT Review and Adepticon Overall Review  

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John: equinox@unstabledice.com

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