Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 12 - Warriors of Chaos

Episode 12 - Warriors of Chaos

In this episode, Chuck and I talk about the new Warriors of Chaos army book. We discuss our thoughts on the fluff and new mechanics and units that grace the pages of this amazing supplement. We also share our ideas on what kind of lists we would build if we were to use the new book. Finally, between the segments talking about the new book, Chuck and I take a few minutes to update the world on what we have been doing in the hobby lately.

0:17 Opening Discussion (WoC Selling Out @ Stores) 
6:32 Marshaling the Host (Hobby Updates) 
16:31 Warriors of Chaos Review - Part One (Fluff & Army Wide Rules) 
28:48 Warriors of Chaos Review - Part Two (Lords, Heroes and Core Units) 
54:42 Warriors of Chaos Review - Part Three (Special and Rare Units; Magic Items) 

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The Unstable Moment - Episode 12 

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In this episode’s Unstable Moment, John begins with a brief tournament round-up. Next, the Hobby Corner is back with a review of the small leathery wings from Kromlech. Finally, a couple of short recordings from the Combat Patrol tournament recently hosted at Rockheads.

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