Monday, July 9, 2012

The Daemons are Coming... (Again)

While my attention is on preparing this year’s Invasion Kenosha, I have spent a little time as of late preparing for the next four tournaments I plan on attending. The first tournament on the list is the 1000 point IWFB tournament at the Chicago Battle Bunker of August 12th (Sunday). While this breaks my rule of never gaming on a Sunday, I am making an exception because it has been forever since I got to play at my favorite point level.

Since I am planning on four tournaments, I needed to stick with one army. To make this task even more challenging, one of the four tournaments is a 40K combat patrol event at Duelcon (www.duelcon.con). Since I am planning for two different systems, I am stuck with one army that can meet both; Chaos Daemons.

The Emerald Eye (1000 point IWFB Series List)

Herald of Tzeentch w/ Master of Sorcery and Disc (160 pts)
Masque (90 pts)

(12) Bloodletters w/ Full Command (174 pts)
(12) Daemonettes w/ Full Command (174 pts)
(15) Horrors w/ Full Command (240 pts)

(3) Flamers of Tzeentch (105 pts)
(1) Fiend of Slaanesh (55 pts)

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