Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Special Operations: Killzone

Since becoming aware of this format, I have been pondering what I would like to play if I were to participate in it. I love these kind of small formats because they give me a chance to be creative while not pressuring me to build and paint a large number of models.

When it comes to designing an kill team for the game, I am more interested in a solid theme than actual effectiviness. I just can't get into painting anything if I feel like I am doing it for the math and not the fun of it. With that said, here are some of the ideas I am floating:

Tau/Kroot - I am thinking a small force of kroot with a couple of hounds and a ox. Maybe include a single tau, a water caste conversion, as an advisor to the team. If I have points to spare, I may also include a pair of allied guards (something different, like hrud or such). The challenge with this idea is making it exciting visually.

Tyranids - When I first read the rules, I was reminded of an old image of a Nid warrior bursting thru a wall with some gaunts around it and a genestealer in the foreground. Nids would be a real challenge as there are some outstanding conversions and paint jobs out there, so making something that stands out can be very hard.

Dark Eldar - I love the new models, but have no interest in building a full army. I could see myself sitting down and painting a small kill team, but what would I theme it around. I like the new mandrakes, but 3 metal models is not alot to start with, so I would need to do some heavy conversion work. Incubi are another option, but again, metal models with a limited number of poses means more work. Of the new models, the hellions and reavers have the most potential. I have two color schemes in mind, but not sure about what I can do from a conversion standpoint.

I have added a poll and look forward to feedback or ideas.

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