Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saving the Eldar Soul

I am currently tossing around a concept and wanted to throw it up here for feedback. We all know that the eldar wish to avoid Slaanesh at all cost since she likes to dine on their souls. Currently, there are four known methods which the eldar employ to avoid being consumed. Craftworld eldar use soul stones to capture their souls and later have that stone added to a collective at the heart of their craftworld. Exodites use a similar process but it is slightly different in some of the details. Dark eldar consume other souls to strengthen their own and prevent it from being claimed by Slaanesh. Lastly, the disciples of the laughing god are protected by their benefactor who goes to bat for them against Slaanesh if they should happen to drop.

My thought is along the lines of what the harlies do, but instead of the laughing god, what if an eldar became a disciple of another chaos god. Say a powerful farseer who makes contact with Tzeentch and in exchange for eternal servitude, Tzeentch promises to protect that eldar’s soul. Or an exarch that becomes so focused on bloodshed that Khorne takes a liking to him and brings him into the flock.

I would assume such an event would be extremely rare, but not outside the realm of possibility. What do others think? Can the other chaos gods make disciples of individual eldar or are they untouchable to anyone but Slaanesh.


  1. With how psychically active the Eldar are? I can totally see one as a dedicate to another Chaos god. Of course, Slaanesh isn't exactly one for sharing though, so I'd expect they'd probably have a swift death warrant...

  2. Hmmm... Interesting query. My answer... Possibly maybe.

  3. I figure it could work out. You would probably end up with a piece of kit similar to the Spirit Stone, though.

    My understanding is that the Stone (or exodite equivalent) is basically a soul-catcher. You die, it vacuums in your soul before Slaanesh does the big, final nom-nom to it.

    What's to prevent, say, Tzeentch/Nurgle/Khorne from doing the same thing? Or some kind of binding ritual to your chosen patron?

    Nothing, I think.

  4. I don't see a reason why this wouldn't be possible.
    Unlikely that a Eldar would worship another chaos power though... that kind of corrupts their souls.
    I guess it depends on the level of desperation in avoiding Slanesh.